Lektion 5

Fulk: Electronic communication and changing organizational forms

Fokus i artiklen er: “the interplay between communication technology and various dimensions of new organizational forms.” (p. 337)

5 features of new communication technologies offer important advancements for organizations:

  1. dramatic increase in the speed of communication
  2. dramatic reduction in the costs of communication
  3. sharp rise in communication bandwidth
  4. vastely expanded connectivity
  5. integration of communication with computing technologies

Key forces of change in organizational life which currently affect teh technology-organization relationship:









The new organizational form


















The new organizational forms

Intraorganizational forms

  • Vertical control
  • Horizontal coordination
  • Organization and unit size
  • New types of coupling
  • Core product
  • Communication cultures
  • Ownership and control

Interorganizational forms

  • Interorganizational coupling
  • Strategic alliances
  • Interstitial linkages

Research issues

  • Organizational form development
  • Situated evaluation of electronic communication systems
  • Alternative design approaches for new communication technologies
  • Work life in the new organizatioanl form


Poole: Organizational challenges of the new forms

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