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MC152 Master of Technology (Enterprise Architecture)

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An enterprise architecture is the overall framework and set of strategic objectives for the usage of technology over time across an organisation. Enterprise architecture can also be described as the top-down, strategy-driven, integrating framework that brings together and manages the business model, applications and technology. Its primary goal is to facilitate improvement and deliver business-aligned information systems.

The role of the Enterprise Architect is to align Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strategy with business goals to enable the organisation to make the most effective use of ICT to support and build the business. Australian IT solution providers report a serious shortage of Enterprise Architects.

Program description

The Master of Technology (Enterprise Architecture) is a high-level IT postgraduate coursework program, specifically designed for ICT professionals who wish to advance their career to the role of Enterprise Architect within an organisation. Building on an existing understanding of the design and development processes for business software systems, the program is intended to provide students with:

  • An understanding of business strategy and of how to architect cost-effective enterprise IT architectures and systems to help achieve the business goals of the enterprise;
  • The ability to communicate how an enterprise architecture supports the organisation’s strategic IT objectives and plans;
  • The ability to communicate and market an enterprise architecture to the organisation and oversee its implementation;
  • The ability to develop and maintain an enterprise architecture for an organisation, taking into account its strategic plan, current IT portfolio, and key business and ICT industry drivers and technologies, including hardware and software standards;
  • An understanding of the required governance for successful enterprise architecture development and adoption within organisations to support business and technology strategy.

The Master of Technology (Enterprise Architecture) is accredited at the professional level by the Australian Computer Society.

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Program structure

The program structure integrates both business and technical IT knowledge and includes courses (subjects) in the following key areas: systems architecture, enterprise architecture, IT governance and change, and enterprise architecture case studies.

The program consists of 12 courses in three stages:

  1. Stage A consists of four compulsory foundation courses that will enable students who have learned to build software systems “on the job” to formalise their understanding of the fundamental concepts of software development, and will provide an understanding of IT business strategy to students from a mostly-technical background.
  2. Stage B consists of electives drawn from the areas of computer science, IT and business. Students undertake three courses in this stage, choosing electives to complement their previous education and industry experience.
  3. Stage C consists of five key courses that build on the foundation courses and electives. In the capstone course ISYS2379 Enterprise Architecture Case Studies, students will interact with practising enterprise architects and work in teams, bringing together their acquired abilities and skills to develop solutions to realistic problems.

The program incorporates a Graduate Diploma; however, the Graduate Diploma is not available for applications. It is only an exit award i.e. students who have completed three Stage A foundation courses, two Stage B electives and three key courses in Stage C may apply to take out the Graduate Diploma.

Masters program

  • 4 foundation courses
  • 3 electives
  • 5 key courses

Graduate Diploma (exit award only)

  • 3 foundation courses
  • 2 electives
  • 3 key courses


STAGE A – FOUNDATION COURSES (Complete all four)

STAGE B – ELECTIVES (Choose three)

STAGE C – KEY COURSES (Complete all five)

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