CRM Magazine: May 2010 Special issue on VRM

hentet fra 

Det er et temanummer om VRM som er kontrapunktet til CRM. Det bliver af nogle opfattet som et manifest for empowerment af kunden,  og af andre som en anden og smartere liberal markedsfilosofi og praksis end den herskende.

Magazine Features

The V also stands for vendor—as in vendor relationship management, which argues that customers are the ones in control of their relationships.
by the Editors of CRM magazine

Just as you finally come to grips with CRM, the customers themselves have turned the tables—and now they’re managing you.
by Lauren McKay

More than 10 years after upending the balance between companies and customers, the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto reflect on its creation—and its lasting influence.
by Joshua Weinberger

Customers may be newly empowered, but they still want to be delighted. Can you still deliver?
by Lior Arussy

In the drive for the tribal experience, Self-Service 1.0 no longer works.
by Lior Arussy

Your biggest fans can be your best marketers—provided you do everything in your power to enable them.
by Lior Arussy

Front Office

Just because companies cede control of a customer relationship doesn’t mean they cede influence.
by David Myron

Reality Check

Innovation is the only thing that can help—and you may be overdue.
by Jim Dickie

Customer Centricity

The real revolution is enabling customers to define their own interactions.
by Lior Arussy

The Tipping Point

Divining the right path requires the right data.
by David Rich


Transparency and authenticity are the cornerstones of trust between a company and its customers.
by Paul Greenberg

Pint of View

The Abbreviation Coalition for the Regular Overuse of Nothing You Meant is now called to order.
by Marshall Lager


Within the search giant’s Apps Marketplace, small and midsize application providers can integrate with cloud-based offerings.
by Lauren McKay

As empowered customers traipse across the Web, they leave ever-juicier bread crumbs of behavior in their wake. The government may step in to limit what marketers are allowed to scoop up.
by Juan Martinez

The flatter the world, the further the reach of the empowered customer. In his new book, Flip the Funnel, Joseph Jaffe explains how that may finally bring down silos once and for all.
by Lauren McKayJoshua Weinberger

From Infection to Deflection
An antivirus company turns pro-self-service.
by Lauren McKay

A supplier of mesh and fencing materials learns the secret to corralling new customers: attracting them in the first place.
by Juan Martinez

A provider of contact center solutions implements CRM to eliminate shelfware and to use tools the company already had in place.
by Lauren McKay

Secret of My Success

Online eyewear retailer brings its customer feedback into focus with Kampyle
by Roy Hessel, CEO of, as told to Lauren McKay

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