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IBM har fået en dedikeret opsætning på Slideshare sådan at alt der kommer fra IBM kan findes et sted. Det er en smart måde koordinere indsatsen på som samtidig skaber værdi for IBM. Hmmmm, er det virkelig rigtigt, at IBM (der ellers med et fingerknips kunne etablere sin egen slideportal) bruger Slideshare som udstillingsvindue for de præsentationer deres medarbejdere fremstiller. Hvad er forklaringen herpå? Hvilke andre virksomheder følger efter?

Her er uddrag fra den mail hvor Slideshare præsenterer nyheden:


IBM launches Expert Network

As with many social media sites, individual employees have their own SlideShare accounts, but until now there hasn’t been a way to bring them together under one umbrella.  Some of the most popular presentations on SlideShare are from IBMers, but there hasn’t been an easy way to know that.


Working together with Adam Christensen of IBM, we began to build a solution – the IBM Expert Network.  The Network pulls in content from individual acounts of IBM employees on SlideShare.  The individual employee still gets to keep his or her own account and upload from that, and now the company can pull in and display that content. Moreover, the Network has the ability to curate and organize content from the employees.

You’ll notice that there is a common look and feel across the all the IBM expert accounts.  IBM’s goal for the Expert Network is to be a continually evolving resource for forward thinkers to engage with our experts and expertise.  Does your company have a Pro account?  Learn more about creating a SlideShare Network >>

Skip the Flash

Some time ago we launched a mobile site that displays content in an image-based format. This allows us to make slideshows available on devices that don’t support Flash.  Chris Heilmann, a developer-evangelist at Mozilla, has created an online tool that embeds Slideshare presentations using only Javascript and CSS. You can use the tool to generate an embed of an existing presentation, read his blog post about how he did it and get the source code to adapt to your own projects.

David Armano shares his presentation prep

In a recent interview with Russ Unger, David Armano shares how he approaches creating a presentation, and what goes through his mind as he takes the stage.

armano_speaking3.jpgDavid is SVP for Edelman Digital and is best known for his distinct brand of visual thinking.  David speaks at conferences all over the world, but has he ever experienced stage fright?

What happens when he looses his “flow” while on stage?  How does he begin the process of creating a stellar presentation?

Read the interview on our blog >>

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