Types of ORganizational Communicational Technologies

I “The meanings and uses of organizational communication technologies” har forfatterne opstillet en liste med 4 (5) kategorier af teknologier for organisationer i box 12.2 (p. 349)

Lige som Millers liste over kommunikationsteknlogier i organisationer, er det til trods for de relativt abstrakte definitioner bemærkelsesværdigt hvor tydeligt et historisk arkiv vi her er vidne til.

Computer-assisted communication technologies Technologies that facilitate the transmission of text (electronic, mail), images (facsimile, computer and video conferencing), and sound (voice mail, audio conferencing).
Computer-assisted decision making technologies Management information systems, group decision support systems, expert systems, and various kinds of external information retrieval systems.
Networks of computers For example local and wide area networks (LANs and WANs), through wich personal computers are linked together for specific work groups or alle memebers of the organization. Intranets are closed user-group networks limited within the physical boundaries of a single organization or organized across several organizational units. Some intranets are “firewalled” from external networks like the Internet.
Networks of networks For example the Internet, which is a complex system of telecommunications linkages that allow major computer facilities to intercommunicate worldwide. The World Wide Web, presently the most sophisticated Internet application, combines text, images, and sound and llows for numerous kinds of information exchange including chat rooms and electronic commerce.
  Computer technology, however, is not restricted to the office setting. In advanced manufacturing, for example, computer technology is used to integrate information from external sources (e.g. customers, collaborators, and suppliers) with various aspects of the organization’s internal work environment, including decision making, design, and production. We thus need to add a fith category to our list.


Computer-assisted manufacturing technologies Include computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems, such as technologies that transform product specifications into machine sttings or adjust production flows to changes in demand.

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