Twitter posts fra @MiamiCIO

#GartnerSym No longer useful for IT to think of the business as its customer. This separates IT in an unhealthy way from rest of business.

#GartnerSym The value of IT is expressed in the performance of the people using the technology. It’s never about the technology.

#GartnerSym The business context for IT: run the business, grow, transform. True across all sectors.

#GartnerSym IT can transform the business by enabling new value propositions for new customer segments

#GartnerSym There is no such thing as an IT project. They are all business change projects.

#educause10 No one should doubt the impact of technology on higher ed, per Gary Hamel.

#educause10 If a bank can operate without bankers, what does this portend for universities and faculty?

#educause10 The web disintegrates: splinters organizations, markets, products (“long tail”).

#educause10 The web disintermediates: it dislocates activities or renders them obsolete,

#educause10 Check out and Peoples University.

#educause10 “Those who live by the sword will be shot by those who don’t.” Gary Hamel

#educause10 Virtually all stories of deep change are due to crisis.

#educause10 We in higher ed need to look outside HE to learn what we need in order to adapt. We need a 1st person experience w/ the future.

#educause10 Brand value of Wharton or Harvard could be matched in 5 yrs if online university cherry picks best business faculty in world.

#E10_GS02 Is the physical university obsolete? Not yet, but a lot of what he went to MIT for can be done anywhere.

#E10_GS02 Education increasingly happens in a network, not a place.

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